Kriebstein Castle © Siesing

Kriebstein Castle © Siesing

Mildenstein Castle ©Siesing

Mildenstein Castle ©Siesing

Culture & pleasure

Luther and Bach, fortresses and castles, industrial heritage and mining tradition – the region around the lively cultural city of Leipzig is exceptionally diverse. You will encounter history at every turn.
Mighty fortresses, magnificent palaces, ancient mills and ornate churches bear witness to the region’s rich cultural history. This is a region of manor houses and monasteries with gardens where fruit and medicinal plants were grown as far back as the Middle Ages. This tradition of cultivating fruit dates back over 800 years and continues to this day in the Saxon ‘Obstland’ (‘fruit country’) between Mügeln, Leisnig and Dürrweitzschen.
And of course, the region is also brimming with stories about the actions and impacts of key individuals. One such individual was Martin Luther; you can follow in his footsteps on the Luther Trail in Saxony.
Industrial heritage plays an important role in the Leipzig region, so a visit to the open-air exhibition at the Mining and Technology Park, featuring original open-cast mining equipment, is not to be missed. A journey between Oschatz, Mügeln and Glossen on the "Wild Robert" narrow-gauge railway, which is over 125 years old, will delight anyone with an enthusiasm for the history of rail travel.
The tuneful organs created by well-known master-builders, such as Silbermann and Kreutzbach, are cultural gems of quite a different type. The wealth and variety of the organs, which can still be played, draw many music lovers to the region every year.
Go on a journey into the past and let yourself fall under the spell of the region's cultural diversity.

Fortresses & castles

Jagdhaus Saal © Jagdhaus Kössern
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Organs & churches

Johann Scheibe-Orgel Dorfkirche Zschortau©Senf
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Theatres & culture houses

Seebühne Kriebstein ©René Jungnickel
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Industrial heritage

Bergbauausstellung Schaufelrad © TVLN
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Saxony Obstland ("fruit country")

Obstbaum © W. Siesing
>> Saxony Obstland ("fruit country")

Museums & exhibitions

© C. Hüller Fotografie
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The Luther Trail in Saxony

Lutherdenkmal Grimma © W.Siesing
>> The Luther Trail in Saxony

Battle of the Nations

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Natural history

Geoerlebnisgarten Röcknitz © K. Lange
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Holiday villages

Urlaubsdorf Höfgen © S. Horst
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