Bergbau-Technik-Park (©Hüller Fotografie)


Grosspösna and the surrounding area have become popular places for recreation and culture. Lake Störmthal provides plenty of leisure activities, including the floating art project VINETA, the Mining and Technology Park and the cycle route network. But this is not the only destination worth a visit. Nature lovers from far and wide are attracted to the Oberholz recreational area, with its nature, ballad and hunting trail and botanical garden.

There are places of interest for culture vultures in many of the surrounding areas, too. The First Aid and Military Hospital Museum in Seifertshain, which commemorates the medical care available in the days of the Battle of the Nations, and Schloss Güldengossa palace are both worth a visit. The church organ in Störmthal is particularly important. It was built in 1723 by the organ builder, Zacharias Hildebrandt, who was an apprentice to Gottfried Silbermann. This organ was inaugurated by Johann Sebastian Bach in the same year.

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