Döllnitzbahn railway © LTM A.Schmidt

Döllnitzbahn railway © LTM A.Schmidt

Industrial heritage

In addition to castles and palaces, family-friendly waterways, and an idyllic heath landscape, major attractions around Leipzig include artefacts of the region's mining and industrial heritage.
One highlight that is visible from some distance away is the stacker in the Mining and Technology Park. The open-air exhibition by the A38 motorway is dedicated to lignite mining, which shaped the landscape around Leipzig until 1990. The modern recreational area of Leipzig New Lakeland owes its creation to the decades of extracting, refining and exploiting the local natural resource, lignite. The park succeeds in making the topic both accessible and fascinating to the younger generation.
Industrial heritage of a very different kind can be experienced with a trip on the Döllnitzbahn railway, which dates back more than 125 years. The roots of the "Wild Robert", as the narrow gauge railway is also affectionately known locally, go a long way back. Entire generations have grown up with the familiar huffing and puffing of the train. For decades, its main purpose was to transport china clay and agricultural products. The Döllnitzbahn runs just as reliably today as it did more than 125 years ago. The narrow gauge railway's steam and diesel locomotives make it one of the biggest tourist attractions in the region.
If you have never ridden on a horse-drawn tram, you must visit Döbeln, also known as Stiefelstadt or "Boot City". The unique urban horse-drawn tram still runs every first weekend of the month from May to October. Between 1892 and 1926, the horse-drawn tram was a regular feature of the public transport system in Döbeln. Every day, more than 500 people were conveyed from Döbeln's main railway station to the city centre – a distance of around two kilometres. The history of the horse-drawn tram is told in full at the German Horse-Drawn Tram Museum, which is open to passengers and visitors to Döbeln.
And that's not all: from all kinds of historical mills to traditional brickworks and themed cycle routes, the Leipzig region has a wide range of attractions that bring its industrial heritage to life.

Mining tradition

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Bockwindmühle Ballendorf © W.Siesing
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Historic railways

Döbelner Pferdebahn©Traditionsverein "Döbelner Pferdebahn" e.V.
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Technological monuments

Historische Ziegelei Erbs ©TV LN
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