Geological nature trail at Lake Zwenkau

In the newly-created city park on the southern shore of the Zwenkau Lake, locals and visitors are able to take a journey through time.
In addition to petrified wood and boulders, which were discovered in the area currently occupied by the large lake in the southern part of the Leipzig New Lakeland, four instructional signs contain information about the geological history of the former mining region. With illustrations and text, locals and visitors learn interesting facts about archaeology, tertiary forests, marine fossils and the ice age. A visit is well worthwhile and is sure not to disappoint. For example, did you know that manatees and basking sharks once inhabited the Zwenkau area?



Address: Stadtpark Nähe KAP Zwenkau
Street/house no. Leipziger Straße 165
Post code/city: 04442 Zwenkau