Nature trail at Lake Grabschutz

At Lake Grabschütz, nature has reclaimed the former open-cast mining area. The result is a diverse landscape, which provides a habitat for various protected animal and plant species and belongs to the European Bird Sanctuary (SPA). Access to the central zone is not permitted in order to prevent disturbances, but the circular trail with 3 central access points offers 7 km of abundant opportunities to observe and enjoy nature. In addition, the nature trail teaches about the history of the landscape, geology, ecology and the flora and fauna at 17 different stations.

Various projects have been completed and are currently underway around the lake. One of these projects is the open range grazing of Scottish highland cattle as a natural way of maintaining the grassland habitat. The projects are vividly presented and explained over the course of the nature trail. The nature trail is designed to encourage observation and active engagement with historical, geographical and biological aspects of the area.

The 7-km circular trail around Lake Grabschütz is integrated in the regional cycling and walking trail network and invites you to explore its spectacular scenery. There are many interesting facts to learn about the development of this area before, during and after brown coal production.


You can find the nature trail between Leipzig and Delitzsch, right next to Lake Grabschütz, north of Zwochau.


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