Tree trail and Hohendorf geological nature trail

In 2004, this natural history trail was established along the newly-created hiking trail of Neuer Geyersberg, to be planted with a different type of tree each year. For 15 years now, a nationwide board of trustees has chosen the "tree of the year". Nominations must meet certain criteria every year. Besides the silver fir, which does not grow here, all of the trees shown were planted on this trail or were already growing here.

The "Tree of the Year 2005 " was the horse chestnut, which also has its place on the trail. Every tree is described on an informational sign showing the distribution areas, the wood's characteristics and uses, and even the tree's mythological background.

At the foot of Neuer Geyersberg (171 m above sea level), there is a beautiful panorama with three informational signs dedicated to plants, open-cast mine rehabilitation and the animal kingdom. Plenty of seats provide hikers and cyclists with a much-needed opportunity to rest.

The geological nature trail, which is situated about 3 km south of Groitzsch, features 186 boulders of predominantly Scandinavian origin (granite, diorite and gneiss, some with partially visible glacial polish) which were salvaged from the nearby open-cast mine; many of the rocks also have signs explaining their histories.

Well-designed signs provide information on the topics including the world of plants, the animal kingdom and open-cast mine rehabilitation. A memorial stone commemorates the relocation of the town of Schleenhain in 1964/65.


The nature trail is located north of the Hohendorf district on the Kippen border, in the direction of the Neuer Geyersberg and Lake Grossstolpen.


Address: Pfad des Baumes Hohendorf
Post code/city: 04539 Groitzsch OT Hohendorf