The Old Hunting Lodge, Wermsdorf

Drawn by the vast, game-rich Wermsdorf woods, Elector Christian II decided to have the first hunting lodge built on the site of an old manor here between 1607 and 1610. It was kept very simple at first, but between 1617 and 1626, Elector John George I had it renovated and extended in a German Renaissance style. The lodge’s current design was created by architect Simon Hoffmann.

Its three irregular wings frame the courtyard while numerous gables bring the striking façades to life. A most unusual feature is the bay window with elaborate sandstone carvings. An octagonal stair tower with lanterns and a curved roof separates the two main wings.

From 1626 to 1628, the building served as a hunting lodge for the Elector of Saxony. Due to the Thirty Years’ War, however, it was not used again for this purpose until 1685, when Elector John George III had it restored. In 1696, Elector Augustus the Strong gave the lodge to his governor, Anton Egon, Prince of Fürstenberg, along with an order to turn the surrounding woods into a hunting estate.

When the prince died in 1716, Augustus took back the lodge and hunting estate so that it could be further expanded for the Crown Princes. When Hubertusburg Palace was built, the Old Hunting Lodge became less and less important. It was subsequently converted into a guest house and housing for workers. In 1873, the then King of Saxony had the lodge reconverted into hunting estate. It remained the royal hunting residence until 1918. After the expropriation of the princes, the entire estate was brought to Moritzburg or auctioned off. The lodge’s rooms were converted into flats and offices.

Today, the Old Hunting Lodge is home to the local government, a tourist information centre, a cultural meeting place, the Wermsdorf registry office, the local police station and a riding stable.

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