Trebsen Manor

The manor at Trebsen grew to become one of the largest in Saxony. With over 1,000 ha of grounds and interest income coming in from 2 cities and more than 10 villages, the castle is testament to the wealth here at the time it was built. 

In around 1494, Georg von Saalhausen purchased Trebsen Manor and began to build his castle. The beautiful diamond vaults in the ground floor rooms he had built are still in place today. When the manor was sold in 1521, Hans von Minkwitz completed the build, creating a four-winged castle. The building changed hands frequently, leading to a number of structural changes.

In 1945, more than 200 Red Army soldiers were stationed in the historic building, which sadly led to the almost complete destruction of the district archives that had been stored here. The castle was plundered again and again, and eventually the trusses above the west and north wings were pulled down. 

During the GDR period, the manor was given over to the people. The rooms in the east and south wings were converted into apartments.

In 1992, the Association for the Promotion of Crafts and Heritage Conservation – Trebsen Manor, was founded and moved its headquarters into the building. The association’s main aim was to rebuild the castle faithfully to the original, and to enable it to be used as both an educational facility to train people in monument preservation and as a cultural meeting place.  When the rooms in the castle and manor were once again usable, the association was able to expand its activities into the cultural field. The manor now hosts concerts and plays, and its jazz and blues events are firm fixtures on the region’s cultural calendar.




Address: Rittergut Trebsen
Street/house no. Thomas-Müntzer-Gasse 4c
Post code/city: 04687 Trebsen/Mulde

Contact person

Association for the Promotion of Crafts and Heritage Conservation
– Trebsen Manor -
Managing Director: Uwe Bielefeld