Taucha Manor Castle and Museum

Taucha Manor Castle has a rich history. Once used as a riding stables, it has been restored and expanded over the years by the Friends of Taucha Castle association.

In 1542, the mayor of Taucha, Wilhelm von Haugwitz the Younger, had a castle built on the Burgberg hill. The castle and later manor provided protection and accommodation during a number of wars and crisis periods over the years. However, the building was eventually converted into a cow and pig barn, and then into stables for horses. In 1996, it was finally brought back into the hands of the City of Taucha. The Friends of Taucha Castle Association was founded with the aim of restoring and expanding the site.

It is now home to a museum that explores the history of the manor. It is open on the fourth Sunday of every month between 14:00 and 16:00.

Opening hours

Every fourth Sunday of the month14:00 – 16:00
and by arrangement 






Address: Rittergutsschloss Taucha
Street/house no. Haugwitzwinkel 1
Post code/city: 04425 Taucha