Altranstädt Castle

Altranstädt Castle was originally founded in around 1200 as a Cistercian monastery. The three-winged castle complex was built in the late 16th and early 17th centuries. It has had many different owners over the years, most recently the Hohenthal family (until 1945).

On 24 September 1706, the Treaty of Altranstädt was signed here by the Swedish King Karl XII and Saxon Elector Augustus the Strong, an agreement that would have a great influence on European history. The event is still commemorated today in the castle’s largely faithfully restored Friedenszimmer – Peace Room. The room also commemorates the Convention of Altranstädt that was signed here one year later. Today, Altranstädt is considered one of the most historically interesting places in Saxony.

And it also has a great future ahead of it, including plans to create a Swedish-Polish-German meeting centre here. This, and the gradual restoration of the buildings, is driven by the Friends of Altranstädt Castle Association, which is always happy to hear from people interested in its work.

Certain areas and the vaulted room on the ground floor of the castle can be booked for parties, events and seminars.

Opening hours

During exhibitions (April – October):
Saturday, Sunday & public holidays14:00 – 17:00 and by arrangement
Guided tours available on request 




Address: Schloss Altranstädt
Street/house no. Am Schloss 2
Post code/city: 04420 Markranstädt OT Altranstädt