Markkleeberg Castle and Gatehouse

The first written records of the town of Markkleeberg date back to 1190, when Bere de Clebergk witnessed the sale of the village of Altranstädt. This nobleman was likely the owner of the original, small, moated castle, which was later replaced by the manor house and castle we see today. Markkleeberg was owned by the von Cleberg family until 1350, but later changed hands multiple times.
During the Battle of the Nations, it was owned by F. W. Heinrich von Funcke. He would have witnessed the complete destruction of the estate’s stables and village school in a fire caused by the fighting. 
The last owner, Dr Paul Hoppe, was evicted following the land reform in 1947. After 1990, the Gerlach family purchased the castle and worked hard to not only restore the building, but also to breathe life back into the entire historic ensemble, one of the most outstanding monuments in the district authority of Leipzig.

The city, church, monument protection authorities, owners and the association established to conserve the buildings have all invested heavily in bringing this ensemble, so important to the cultural history of the area and its tourism industry, back to its former glory and to find new uses for it. Today, the Friends of the Historic Gatehouse of Markkleeberg 1813 association runs a museum in the gatehouse dedicated to the history of the castle complex, its agricultural life and traditions, and the 1813 Battle of the Nations in Leipzig. The historic rooms can also be hired and used for events. Inside the castle itself, culturally-minded visitors will enjoy the music salon. The upper floor and side wings are used as private living quarters by the owners.
The park captivates many hundreds of visitors with its rhododendrons, particularly in May when they are in full, colourful bloom. 



Assistance for blind and visually-impaired people, special and personal assistance for people with disabilities, guide dogs permitted.
A small number of car parking spaces are available in front of the gatehouse. The Mönchereiplatz car park is located approx. 500 m away
Warning! The castle courtyard is held together with historic plaster (cobblestones).

Toilet information:
Door width: 57 cm
17 cm space to the left of the WC, 28 cm to the right and 83 x 54 cm in front.

Opening hours

Monday09:00 – 13:00
Friday09:00 – 13:00
Sunday14:00 – 17:00


Leipzig Regio Card holders receive a 25% discount.




Address: Schloss und Torhaus Markkleeberg
Street/house no. Kirchstraße 40
Post code/city: 04416 Markkleeberg