Wiprechtsburg Castle Ruins, Groitzsch

The Wiprechtsburg Castle Ruins sit on the north western edge of the city of Groitzsch. Back in around 1100, under Graf Wiprecht of Groitzsch, they were part of one of Saxony’s largest castle complexes. One of the highlights of the ruins is the oldest stone building in Saxony: the Bohemian-style round chapel that Wiprecht had built for his wife (the daughter of the Vratislaus II, King of Bohemia).


Wiprecht II used Groitzsch as a base to travel out to many of his battles for governing rights and lands, building up his power all the time. In 1306, the once-mighty castle was destroyed. Only small sections of the Romanesque round chapel and the remains of a residential tower, built in around 1080, still exist today.
Archaeologists carried out extensive excavations between 1954 and 1968, uncovering the remains of the tower and chapel, gaining valuable insights into the castle’s history.

When the excavations were complete, workers began to redesign the entire site, creating an open-air stage in the ruins, a vineyard with more than 500 grapevines, flowerbeds, and a series of walking paths along the mountain where the castle once stood and along the banks of the Schwennigke river. A lapidarium of stone landmarks features 48 exhibits from the local area. Wiprechtsburg is known far and wide for the events it hosts each summer, including a midsummer festival, open-air concerts and the annual castle festival.

Opening hours

The ruins can be visited at any time or during events




Address: Wiprechtsburg Groitzsch
Street/house no. Graf-Wiprecht-Straße
Post code/city: 04539 Groitzsch