The “Traces of Injustice” exhibition by the Documentation and Information Centre of Torgau (DIZ)

At Hartenfels Castle, the Torgau DIZ memorial has a permanent exhibition ,“Traces of Injustice”, about Torgau’s history as a place of detention in the 20th century. The exhibition uses photos, documents, memoirs and video interviews to present Torgau’s role as the hub of the Wehrmacht’s penal system under National Socialism, the history of Soviet Special Camps no. 8 and no. 10 and the East German penal system in Torgau.

Tours are available on request.

Opening hours

daily10:00 – 18:00




Address: Ausstellung "Spuren des Unrechts" des Dokumentations- und Informations-Zentrums (DIZ) Torgau
Street/house no. Schlossstraße 27
Post code/city: 04860 Torgau