Döbeln Horse-Drawn Tram and German Horse-Drawn Tram Museum

The Döbeln horse-drawn tram provided public transport across the 2.5 km distance between the central station and town centre from 1892 to 1926. Since June 2007, visitors have been able to recreate the experience in a tram restored to its original state, the only one of its kind in Germany, on a nostalgic journey along about 1 km of track in the Döbeln town centre.

The horse-drawn tram is the origin of all local transport as we know it. In the late 19th and early 20th century, more than 90 towns in Germany and more than 1,700 towns worldwide had horse-drawn trams. Until now, however, they were not represented with any degree of depth in museums. Some tram museums do deal with the topic of horse-drawn trams, but usually only peripherally and in a strictly local context. We have created a museum dedicated solely to pictures, footage and exhibits relating to horse-drawn trams. 50 display boards illustrate the eventful and sometimes curious history of horse-drawn trams in Döbeln, Germany and the world.

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2 pm ‑ 5 pm

Special trips available at any time by arrangement


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Address: Döbelner Pferdebahn
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