Großzschepa local heritage museum

A permanent exhibition on the history of Großzschepa is located in the former schnapps distillery. Farming machinery and equipment, such as threshing machines, seeders and grinding mills, can be seen in the barn. The museum day, with its varied programme, is held annually in June.
The local heritage museum is housed in a former Halbhufengut (“half farmstead”). A separate small building and the barn belong to the museum.
The small building is likely to have been built in the 17th century. Following renovation work, it became a museum in 1989 with an exhibition on local history. History is at the forefront of the exhibitions, with exhibits showing 3,000 years of Zschepaer history.
The barn is about the same age as the small museum and parts of it are the oldest surviving barn in Zschepa. It houses a collection of historical farming machinery and equipment from around 1850 until 1950, as well as an exhibition about farming households from 1900 until 1950.
An annual museum day has been held in June since 1997 and in August there is an evening of music with wine and candlelight.
The museum is open all year round. As there are no fixed opening hours, it is advisable to give notice of your intention to visit. The museum is sponsored and operated by the “Verein Heimatmuseum Großzschepa e.V.” association.

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Address: Heimatmuseum Großzschepa
Street/house no. Zschepaer Hauptstraße 18
Post code/city: 04808 Lossatal OT Großzschepa

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Verein Heimatmuseum Großzschepa e.V.
Gerold Aé

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Telephone: 034263 41037