Showcase exhibition “Rötha Castle – Headquarters of the Battle of the Nations”

The exhibition “Rötha Castle – Headquarters of the Battle of the Nations 1813” in St. Mary’s Church is the only remaining testament in Rötha to the lost castle and a site of remembrance for its time as a military headquarters during the Battle of the Nations. From 16-19 October 1813, the monarchs Tsar Alexander I of Russia, Emperor Franz I of Austria and King Friedrich Wilhelm III of Prussia used Rötha Castle as a base while they made crucial decisions regarding the culmination of the huge battle in Leipzig. The majority of the exhibits, which were rescued just before the castle was demolished in 1969, have been comprehensively restored on the initiative of the friends’ association, with financial support from the Kulturraum Leipziger Raum cultural association and the Free State of Saxony.

Exhibition venue: St. Mary’s Church, Rötha, former patron’s room in the north annex

Opening hours

May – September 
Saturday15:00 – 17:00
and on request 






Address: Kabinettausstellung "Schloss Rötha - Hauptquartier zur Völkerschlacht"
Post code/city: 04571 Rötha