Spa and town museum, Bad Lausick

The spa and town museum opened in October 2008. The museum is located in one of the town’s oldest, most beautiful town houses, which has been elaborately renovated with due regard to its status as a protected building. It has a central location on the market square, directly next to the spa and tourist information centre. In seven exhibition rooms, the artefacts predominantly document the eventful development of Lausigk and Bad Lausick as a spa and bathing resort, as well as the town’s history.
From the 12th century, Lausigk was extremely important regionally in terms of administration and the church, as well as the military for a while, and the exhibitions demonstrate this in vivid detail. Of particular interest however is the story of how the curative waters were discovered and exploited, and how Lausnick became a renowned spa and bathing resort.
The museum’s audio-visual facilities effectively convey the history of the spa, as well as the fantastic sound quality of the Silverman-Trampeli organ in Lausick's St Kilian’s Church.

Opening hours

Wednesday – Saturday13:00 – 17:00
Sunday, public holidays14:00 – 17:00
Guided tours can be booked by telephone


Adults with a resort card
School pupils, students, apprentices, disabled visitors
Children up to the age of 6






Address: Kur- und Stadtmuseum
Street/house no. Straße der Einheit 19
Post code/city: 04651 Bad Lausick