Groitzsch museum tower

Groitzsch’s civic tower is what remains of the ancient Romanesque church of St. Aegidius. A blaze completely destroyed the church in 1513, leaving only the tower behind. The 23-metre tower was not repaired until 1714. It was then put to various uses, including as an armoury, Seiger tower, prison and policeman’s residence. It was extensively renovated from 1993 – 1995 and has housed Groitzsch museum’s local history exhibition ever since. You can climb the 60 steps to the top of the tower, where you are met with a lovely view of the town and the Elsteraue.

Opening hours

Saturday09:30 – 12:00
and on request




Address: Stadtverwaltung Groitzsch
Street/house no. Albin-Jahn-Gasse 2
Post code/city: 04539 Groitzsch