Town museum, Taucha

Taucha’s town museum was founded in 1926 and was housed in the then-hospital, “Am Schmiedehöfchen”. Due to the difficult economic situation, it was only possible to hold local history exhibitions from time to time.

The museum was opened on 3 September1933 to coincide with the first local festival, known as “Tauchscher”. Several changes of premises were necessary, until the museum and its exhibits finally found a permanent home in one of the Taucha's oldest town houses – a former brewery located at 24 Brauhausstrasse.

The building was registered on the area’s list of monuments in 1977 and was closed ten years later due to its poor state of repair. Extensive reconstruction work was carried out between 1990 and 1995, with due consideration of heritage conservation requirements.

The museum, children’s library and museum restaurant were opened in May 1995. Visitors have a diverse programme to choose from, with regular local history-themed temporary exhibitions, as well as numerous special exhibitions.


At present, the permanent exhibition is not open.

A new permanent exhibition about the history of Taucha is currently being planned in different premises – until this has been completed, only small, special exhibitions will be held in the Brauhausstrasse building (free entry).

Opening hours

Monday & Thursday10:00 – 12:00 and 13:00 – 16:00
Tuesday & Friday13:00 – 18:00




Address: Städtisches Museum Taucha
Street/house no. Brauhausstr. 24
Post code/city: 04425 Taucha