Tower clock museum, Naunhof

Clockwork tower clocks have been built since 1300 and have continued to develop during the course of subsequent centuries in line with technical advances. The aims and objectives of Saxony’s first tower clock museum in Naunhof are to trace the evidence of this time-honoured craft of centuries past, to preserve and restore it and make it accessible to the public.

A tower clock and bell chiming system and a cross-section of main and secondary clockwork mechanisms are on display alongside carefully restored mechanical tower clocks. The facilities and activities on offer also include a museum café, regular events and special exhibitions.

WC available, on-site restaurant, wheelchair-accessible

Tourist information point

Opening hours

Wednesday – Sunday & holidays14:00 – 18:00








Address: Turmuhrenmuseum Naunhof
Street/house no. Ungibauerstr. 1
Post code/city: 04683 Naunhof