Tin Figure Museum in Dölitz Gatehouse

Dölitz Gatehouse has one of the biggest and most important tin figure museums in Germany. It shows you everything you need to know about tin figures, from their creation – including drawing, engraving, casting and painting – to the construction of dioramas. The permanent exhibition of cultural and historical tin figures, including numerous exhibits of historical value, covers three floors. A main focus of the exhibition is the Napoleonic Era with the Battle of the Nations at Leipzig in 1813. The Gatehouse’s pièce de resistance is the large historical diorama of the Battle of the Nations near Leipzig, which covers an area of roughly 25 m². The museum also features regularly changing special exhibitions as well as a museum shop where, in addition to tin figures, you can also buy antiquarian books covering every aspect of tin figures, the Battle of the Nations and the Wars of Liberation.

Opening hours

Opening hours

Wednesday, Saturday,
Sunday and public holidays

10:00 – 17:00

and by agreement


Also on Thursday and Friday
during school holidays in Saxony

10:00 – 17:00







Children aged 4 and under


Family ticket
(2 adults + max. 5 children)


Flat rate for tours


Group discounts for 10 persons or more,
Leipzig Regio Card holders get a discount of €0.50


Address: Torhaus Dölitz
Street/house no. Helenenstraße 24
Post code/city: 04279 Leipzig