Donat organ at the protestant parish church in Brandis

A handwritten note in the manual windchest from 1803 provides documentation that the organ was built by Christoph Donat in 1705. Christoph Donat (1625–1706) was the founding father of a Saxon-Thuringian organ building family. He received Leipzig citizenship in 1662. He built the organ in Brandis together with his son Christoph (1659–1713). Johann Jacob Donat (1663–1732), son of Christoph Donat the elder, Italianised the name Donat to “Donati”. The tradition of the company founder continued under this name until 1824. The casing of the organ in Brandis presents a few puzzles. The Pedal division, which is now located behind the organ, was originally joined to the case on the front left and right.

Probably originally a Romanesque choir tower church. The choir was expanded at the end of the 15th century. In 1570, a transept-like structure was added on the south side. A sacristy was erected at the same time on the north choir wall. Church fires in 1637 and 1696 destroyed the interior fixtures. The altar, pulpit, patron’s box and organ were built between 1700 and 1708. The altar with the crucifix dominates, featuring two palmette-trimmed columns as well as ornaments on the side. The baptismal font is made of porphyry and dates from the end of the 19th century. The ambry, which sits on a twisted column on the north side of the choir, is one of the oldest fixtures. On the south side of the transept is a Romanesque portal which serves as an entry to the “bride’s hall”. The entry portal on the west side was added in 1895.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt

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Stop list
The present stop list is the result of numerous changes and reconfigurations.
About 50% of Donat’s piping is preserved.
Manual range C,D–c''' 
Pedal range C,D–c'
1st Manual  
2nd Manual
 1. Grob Gedackt 8'
 2nd Quintadena 8'
 3. Principal 4'
 4. Rohrflöte 4'
 5. Octave 2'
 6. Quinte 1 1/2'  Manual coupler
 7. Sesquialtera II
 8. Mixture IV
9. Gedackt 8'  
10. Octave 4'
11. Gedackt Quint 3'
12. Spielflöte 2'
13. Cornet III
Pedal coupler
14. Sub Bass 16'
15. Octave 8'
16. Posaunen Bass 16'

Tuning g sharp 448 Hz




Address: Pfarramt Brandis-Polenz
Street/house no. Kirchplatz 1
Post code/city: 04821 Brandis

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