Donati organ at the protestant church of St. Christopher in Böhlen

The brothers Christian Gottlob (1732–1795) and Gotthold Heinrich Donati (1734–1799) are documented as the builders of the organ in Böhlen. They were part of the great Donat organ building family, founded by Christoph Donat (1625–1706). Johann Jacob (1663–1734), son of Christoph, Italianised the name Donat to “Donati”, which was passed on to all further descendents. The brothers Christian Gottlob and Gotthold Heinrich Donati worked together in Altenburg from 1770 to 1794. In 1794, they built the organ in Böhlen. I/10
According to the historical documentation, the organ was tuned to a' – 473 Hz. The present
tuning corresponds to a' – 440 Hz.

The aisleless church has been rebuilt several times and dates to the 13th century. It features an altar that was built in 1680. The pulpit, in its column arrangement with Christ and the Evangelists, was built in 1650, and the ornamented, chalice-shaped porphyry baptismal font in around 1613. The 16th century, late Gothic, carved figures of the saints standing in a shrine on the south side of the choir came from the altar of the church in Zeschwitz, which was razed in 1942. The Donati brothers organ from 1794 in the west gallery.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt

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Stop list
Following several repairs and modifications, the organ once again has
its original stop list.
Manual range C,D–c'''
Pedal range C,D–c'
1st  Gedackt 8'
2nd  Quintadena 8'
3.  Principal 4'
4.  Holzflöte 4'
5.  Octave 2'
6.  Sifflet 1'
7.  Cornet III  
8.  Mixture III
9. Sub Bass 16'
10. Principal Bass 8'
Pedal coupler


Address: Pfarrbüro Böhlen
Street/house no. Kirchgasse 12
Post code/city: 04654 Böhlen