Friderici organ at the protestant church of St. Katharine in Großdeuben

The Italian spelling of the name Friedrich appears in two versions in the historical records: Friederici and Friderici. Christian Ernst Friderici (1709–1780) is considered the most important master builder to have worked at the company founded by Johannes Friderici (1653–1780). In 1737, Christian Ernst Friedrich Friderici obtained citizenship in the city of Gera. He, like Silbermann and Hildebrandt, worked as a universal “instrument maker”. From 1740, he was primarily occupied with making stringed keyboard instruments.
He built the Großdeuben organ in 1754/55 for the church in Cröbern. When Cröbern had to give way to strip mining operations, the organ was moved to Großdeuben by the Eule organ building company in 1972/73. 

The current aisleless Baroque church was built in 1716 in the same location as a previous church. A sacristy was added in 1888 and is now known as the “Luther room”. An addition was constructed on the west side in connection with the 1906 art nouveau redesign of the church. The pulpit altar and the baptismal lectern date to 1716. A shrine of a late Gothic carved altar is preserved in “Luther’s room”. It came from the former church in Zehmen. The numerous epitaphs are partly from the previous building. The interior is once again painted in keeping with the art nouveau style from 1906. The 1754/55 Friderici organ from Cröbern has been located in the west gallery since 1973. I/15
Text: Klaus Gernhardt

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Stop list
Manual range C, D–c'''
Pedal range C,D – c'
 1.   Principal 8' 
 2.   Gedackt 8'
 3    Viola di Gamba 8'  
 4.   Quintaton 8'
 5.   Principal 4'
 6.   Rohrflöte 4' Pedal coupler
 7.   Quinte 3'
 8.   Octave 2'
 9.   Quinte 1 1/2'
10.  Super Octave 1'
11.  Cornet III  (from c')
12.  Mixture III
13.  Sub Bass 16'
14.  Octave Bass 8'
15.  Posaunen Bass 16'

Tremulant  (Eule, 1948)
Tuning a' 465 Hz




Address: Ev.-Luth. Pfarramt Großstädteln und Großdeuben
Street/house no. Alte Straße 1
Post code/city: 04416 Markkleeberg