Gerhardt organ at the Kleinliebenau manor church

Friedrich Gerhardt (1826–1922) from Kölleda learned organ building from E. S. Hesse in Dachwig, near Erfurt. He then went on to work for Kreutzbach (Borna), Buchholz (Berlin) and Schmidt (Oldenburg), among others. In 1853, he founded his own company in Kölleda. From 1863 until 1894, he had his workshop in Merseburg. His previous catalogue of works comprised 48 organs. The organ in Kleinliebenau was built around 1880 using older parts (pedal windchest and two wedge bellows). The contract has not yet been found. In 1918, the Gamba 8' stop was added. I/6. In 2012, a thorough restoration was undertaken by the Joh. Lindner restoration workshop in Radebeul.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list

Manual (C–f´´´)

1 Principal 8´
2 Hohlflöte 8´
3 Octave 4´
4 Octave 2´
5 Gamba (from 1918) 8´
Pedal (C-d´´)
6 Sub Bass 16´
Pedal coupler




Address: Rittergutskirche Kleinliebenau
Street/house no. Gutshofstraße 15
Post code/city: 04435 Schkeuditz OT Kleinliebenau