Häcker organ at the Dreiskau-Muckern village church

Carl Gottlob Häcker (1791–1860) was the son of Johann Gottlob Häcker (1766–1817), who founded an organ building company in Pegau. Carl Gottlob Häcker took over his father’s shop and moved it from Pegau to Borna in 1822/23. At this time, one of his employees was Urban Kreutzbach (1796–1868). Carl Gottlob Häcker built the organ for Dreiskau in 1822. Dreiskau and Muckern were two independent parishes until the middle of the 20th century. The church and its organ gradually fell into disrepair as a result of bituminous coal mining operations, which were planned to continue until the 1980s. But finally, in 2011, the organ underwent a general overhaul by organ builder Schröer.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list


1 Principal 8´from c´
2 Viola da Gamba 8´
3 Flute 8´
4 Gedackt 8´
5 Principal 4´
6 Kleingedackt 4´
7 Quinte 3´
8 Octave 2´
9 Mixture III


10 Sub Bass 16´
11 Octave Bass 8´
Pedal coupler



Address: Dorfkirche Dreiskau Muckern
Street/house no. An der Kirche
Post code/city: 04463 Großpösna OT Dreiskau-Muckern

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Protestant Parish of Mölbis
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