Urban Kreutzbach organ at Auenkirche church in Markkleeberg-Ost

Urban Kreutzbach (1796–1868), a student of Carl Gottlob Häcker, founded his own workshop in Borna in 1828. His sons and his grandson ran the company until 1903. During this time, the company built more than 200 organs. The organ that now sits at Auenkirche church was originally built by Urban Kreutzbach for St. Martin’s church in Elstertrebnitz. I/11. After the Elstertrebnitz church was abandoned, the organ was moved to its new location in Auenkirche church after extensive renovations in 1999/2000 by the Bochmann company, based in Kohren-Sahlis. Christian Ernst Friederici (1709–1780) 1749, I/12 and Alfred Schmeisser (1878–1908) had built a new organ at the same location.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list

Manual (C–f´´´)

1 Principal 8´
2 Double Flute 8´
3 Viola di Gamba 8´
4 Gedackt 4´
5 Flauto Amabile 4´
6 Quinte 3´
7 Octave 2´
8 Octave 1´
9 Cornet III

Pedal (C–c´)

10 Sub Bass 16´
11 Principal Bass 8´
Pedal coupler


Address: Auenkirche Markkleeberg
Street/house no. Kirchstraße 36
Post code/city: 04416 Markkleeberg

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Protestant Parish of Markkleeberg-Ost
Kirchstraße 36
04416 Markkleeberg

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