Kreutzbach organ at St. Laurentius church in Markranstädt

Richard Kreutzbach (1839–1903), son and employee of company founder Urban Kreutzbach (1796–1868), built the pneumatic-action organ in 1886. Featuring two manuals and a pedal, the organ originally had 23 stops. Playing aids: Pedal coupler from 1st manual, manual coupler II – I, Swell pedal, combination stops: Piano, Mezzoforte and Fortissimo stops. The changes made to the structure and to the stops in 1925 and from 1958 – 1963 were reversed in 2006 by the Liebenwerda-based company Mitteldeutscher Orgelbau A. Voigt GmbH. A Trumpet 8' stop was added to the stop list of the Great division in connection with this restoration work. II/24.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt




Address: Laurentiuskirche Markranstädt
Street/house no. Schulstraße 9
Post code/city: 04420 Markranstädt

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Parish of Markranstädt
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Schulstr. 9
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