Schlag&Sons organ at the church in Kieritzsch

Gottlieb Schlag (1803–1889) studied under Gottlieb Schönburg in Schafstädt. From 1834–1869, he was proprietor of the Christian Gottlieb & Johann Karl Schlag company in Schweidnitz. The company Schlag&Sons operated under this name from 1869 until 1923. In the grand tradition of mechanical organ building, the organ built for the church in Kieritzsch in 1907/08 was constructed with cone valve windchests and pneumatic action. II/12. The primarily tonic stop list is entirely in keeping with the ideal sound of this era. The Bochmann company, based in Kohren-Sahlis, performed a general overhaul in 2010/11.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list

1st Manual (C–f'")

1 Bourdon 16'
2 Principal 8'
3 Gamba 8'
4 Hohlflöte 8'
5 Octave 4'
6 Mixture III
2nd Manual (C –'")
7 Gedackt 8'
8 Salicional 8'
9 Aeoline 8'
10 Flauto 4'

Pedal (C–d')

11 Sub Bass 16'
12 Principal Bass 8'

Playing aids:
Manual coupler, pedal coupler I, pedal coupler II, super octave coupler, sub octave coupler, fixed combinations


Address: Kirche zu Kieritzsch
Street/house no. Dorfstraße
Post code/city: 04575 Neukieritzsch OT Kieritzsch

Contact person

Protestant Parish of Lobstädt-Neukieritzsch
Pastor Th. Krieger
Katharina von Bora Str. 3
04575 Neukieritzsch

Contact information

Telephone: +49 (0)34342 51360