Schmidt organ at the Klinga village church

Christian Schmidt (1685 – after 1748) established himself as an organ builder in Taucha, near Leipzig. He was presumably trained by his father, Andreas Schmidt (?–1725). The contract to build the Klinga organ was awarded on 2 August 1743. I/12. Despite its being rebuilt in the 19th century, this organ is an important counterpart to the type of organ bearing the mark of Gottfried Silbermann in Saxony. A dedicated friends’ association has taken upon itself the task of reversing the repairs and modifications, some of which were necessary, in order to reconstruct the organ's last self-contained condition as authentically as possible.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list


1 Principal 4'
2 Gedackt 8'
3 Gamba 8'
4 Concert Flute 8', from c'
5 Gedackt 4'
6 Octave 2'
7 Quinte 1 1/2'
8 Sifflet 1'
9 Mixture III


10 Sub Bass 16'
11 Violin Bass 8'
12 Posaune Bass 16'

Stop list from 1743/44


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Post code/city: 04668 Parthenstein OT Klinga

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