Schramm organ at the St. Hubertus castle church, Wermsdorf

From the year of 1749, Tobias Schramm (1701–1771) appears in the historical records as an organ builder in Dresden. The organ dedicated in 1749 at the Hubertusburg castle church was originally built by him for the Dresden court church. I/10. Unusually, for a Catholic church, it is located high above the altar. While the church and its organ remained intact during the Seven Years’ War, despite the plundering of the entire castle grounds, almost all the pipes disappeared after the war in 1947. The Bautzen-based company Hermann Eule Orgelbau performed extensive restoration and reconstruction work in 2001, returning the organ to its original condition. The tuning of a' – 415 Hz corresponds to the temperament of the Saxon court instrument.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list

Manual (C–d')

1 Principal 8'
2 Viol di Gamba 8'
3 Gross Gedackt 8'
4 Octave 4'
5 Klein Gedackt 4'
6 Quinte 3'
7 Octave 2'
8 Mixture III

Pedal (C–c')

9 Sub Bass 16'
10 Octave Bass 8'




Address: Schlosskirche St. Hubertus
Street/house no. Schloss Hubertusburg
Post code/city: 04779 Wermsdorf

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Catholic Parish of Wermsdorf
04779 Wermsdorf/Hubertusburg