Richter organ at the Pomßen fortified church

Gottfried Richter (1643–1717) from Döbeln, Saxony, was an organ builder, mayor and town magistrate. The construction of the Pomßen organ by G. Richter is documented by the surviving text of the organ dedication sermon from Palm Sunday 1671. With its “short octave” and meantone voicing, the organ’s sound concept and the design of the façade are entirely consistent with those of a renaissance organ. I/12. In 1727, the Pedal division reed stop Cornet 2' was replaced with a Violen Bass 8'. As part of the reconstruction and restoration work performed between 2000 and 2006, the Violen Bass 8' was maintained on a separate windchest. The 4 wedge bellows from 1696, which are located in the tower behind the organ, came from the Zwickau-Planitz castle church.
Text: Klaus Gernhardt


Stop list

Manual (C,D,E,G,A–c"')

1 Gross Gedackt 8'
2 Principal 4'
3 Klein Gedackt 4'
4 Nazard 3'
5 Sesquialtera II
6 Octave 2'
7 Mixture III
8 Cymbal Doubled II
9 Trumpets 8'

Pedal (C,D,E,F,G,A-c')

10 Sub Bass 16'
11 Posaunen 16'
12 Violen Bass 8' (since 2006 on a separate windchest)
13 Cornets 2'
Cymbal Star
Bird Whistle

Names and spellings of stops and playing aids (except Violen Bass) were taken from the “Organ sermon” of Pomßen Pastor Mag. Immanuel Weber, 1671.


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