Bunte Bühne Biesen – Biedermeier Beach at Lake Schladitz

The Haynaer Strandverein (beach association) has made it its mission to establish a unique cultural venue on the Haynaer shore of Lake Schladitz. The atmosphere and thematic focus evoke the historic Biedermeier period. However, the entertainment on offer is much broader. Since 2008, regular dance and theatre performances, concerts and the traditional Biedermeier beach festival have been held during the summer season. Regional theatre companies and bands appear at the beach, as well as artists from across the nation.
As of this year, the audience and stage are covered, ensuring that visitors and performers can be welcomed whatever the weather without having to forego the beautiful natural backdrop. State grants have enabled the events area to be redesigned, now providing space for up to 400 visitors.

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Address: Bunte Bühne Biesen - Biedermeierstrand am Schladitzer See
Street/house no. Peter-Michael-Weg
Post code/city: 04509 Rackwitz