Kulturbastion Sociocultural Centre Torgau

In 1809, Napoleon I decided to have a new fortress built on the Elbe. The decisive reason for this was to secure and fortify the Elbe Line before a potential Russian campaign. Torgau was finally chosen as the location. Eight bastions formed the main part of the Torgau fortress. Work began in 1810. The bastions were fortified sections of the main wall and their lateral edges had shell-resistant chambers, known as flank casemates. Today’s Kulturbastion in Torgau is housed in one of these casemates (right flank casemate of bastion II).

Following the end of Napoleonic rule, Torgau passed into Prussian ownership in 1815 and the bastion and fortifications were further expanded. In 1877, the final building was built: a shell-proof grain store to the left of the casemate. This is now used as office space by the KAP Torgau e.V. association. The second half of the 19th century saw technical advances in assault weaponry, rendering many fortresses less useful from a military perspective. The fortified site was given to the town of Torgau on 1 January 1893 by the Prussian army.

The flank casemate was used for many things in the 20th century. It functioned as an armoury, supply depot and refugee camp during wartime, but was later used as a warehouse and was also misappropriated as an illegal rubbish dump. During the communist SED dictatorship, the building was part of the premises of Torgau’s road transport service.

During a ceremony in November 2005, the mayor of Torgau gave the Kulturbastion to the KAP-Torgau e.V.association. Two years of building work and the support of the EU’s ERDF programme and the federal development programme “Kultur in den neuen Länder” (“Culture in the new federal states”) allowed the conversion of Bastion II, the old listed fortifications in Torgau, into a sociocultural venue. In 2005, the Kulturpolitische Gesellschaft e.V. association awarded KAP-Torgau its culture prize in recognition of what had been achieved.

The association has not only established a sociocultural venue, but has also carried out monument protection works, renovating parts of the culturally significant fortifications in Torgau. Sustainable sociocultural, monument protection and cultural tourism have been successfully combined.
The range of programmes on offer includes cabaret and comedy, concerts, lectures, exhibitions, a centre for young people and a 3D digital cinema. The Kulturbastion is now one of the significant cultural places of interest in Torgau and the district authority of North Saxony. People of all ages and backgrounds visit it thanks to the wide-ranging programme of events. The Kulturbastion's architecture, wide-ranging programme and facilities make it an architectural and cultural gem in the region.


Information on accessibility

The Kulturbastion’s facilities are fully accessible.
Level access and a disabled toilet are available.

Opening hours

Opening hours change according to the programme of events
Youth centre:
Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday13:00 – 18:00
Tuesday13:00 – 19:00




Address: Soziokulturelles Zentrum Kulturbastion
Street/house no. Straße der Jugend 14b
Post code/city: 04860 Torgau