Döbeln Theatre

The 1872-built Döbeln Theatre bore very favourable comparison to theatre houses in larger towns and cities. It was built with modern gas lighting, and central heating followed soon after. The building was seriously damaged in a theatre fire in 1911. As part of the reconstruction work, a further storey was built, a mansard roof was put on and the stage technology was improved. The new theatre was reopened after a short construction period with a ceremony in 1912. Döbeln’s town councillors’ long-term commitment to the theatre was demonstrated in 2007, when the new modern structure was unveiled. This provides an exciting contrast to the historic building and features modern dressing rooms for performers, workshops and store rooms, alongside studio space and a side stage. The theatre technology, orchestra pits and auditorium were radically overhauled in 2011/12 and the theatre has been able to attract many new theatre goers since the start of the 2012/13 season. However, like the rest of the centre of Döbeln, at the start of June 2013 the building found itself standing in water for the second time since the flooding disaster of 2002. There was wide-scale damage to the ground floor in both the old and new buildings, with performances on the main stage starting again in November 2013, while the ground floor was not fully back in use until the theatre ball in March 2014.


Information on accessibility

Wheelchair users can access the theatre via the side entrance of the new building.
There are two spaces for wheelchairs in the auditorium.
Please let us know your requirements in advance.

Opening hours

Tours of the theatre:
01/02/2016  16.00    Döbeln theatre
07/03/2016  16.00    Döbeln theatre
04/04/2016  16.00    Döbeln theatre
02/05/2016  16.00    Döbeln theatre
06/06/2016  16.00    Döbeln theatre




Address: Theater Döbeln
Street/house no. Theaterstraße 7
Post code/city: 04720 Döbeln