Lake Großstolpen

Located close to the small historical town of Groitzsch, Lake Großstolpen is tiny compared to its neighbour. Despite its size, however, it is enjoying increasing popularity as a bathing destination thanks to its pristine beach and sunbathing lawn.

Lake Großstolpen is also a great example of how recreation and conservation can go hand-in-hand.
Rest & relaxation, volleyball court, playground, "Neuer Geyersberg" viewing point, New Lakeland cycling trail, Hohendorf geological trail


Location: Groitzsch, part of Großstolpen

Lake area: 31 ha

Shore line: 2.5 km

Depth: up to 5 m

Parking facilities: West shore (K7951)

Beach areas: The western shore offers a beach and a sunbathing area.




Address: Großstolpener See
Post code/city: 04539 Groitzsch OT Großstolpen