Lake Kulkwitz

Tucked snugly between the cities of Leipzig and Markranstädt is the popular recreation spot of Lake Kulkwitz. Visitors are impressed not only by its excellent water quality and numerous sport and leisure activities, but also by the area's lush flora and fauna.

Lake Kulkwitz has been an attractive bathing spot since the 1970s, and is also considered a real gem by divers. With its underwater park and visibility of over 10 metres, it is one of the most popular diving sites in central Germany. Surfing, sailing and angling enthusiasts will also be in their element at Lake Kulkwitz.

Various bathing beaches and gastronomy outlets around the lake take care of all your wants when it comes to relaxation, sport and fun.

Whether you choose to go cable skiing, hire a boat or relax at the sauna, Lake Kulkwitz guarantees that boredom is always kept at bay.

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Location: between Leipzig and Markranstädt

Lake area: 150 ha

Shore line: 8 km

Depth: up to 32 m

Parking facilities: Miltitz beach/Leipzig (Seestraße), Markranstädt beach (An der Renne), Göhrenz beach/Markranstädt (Albersdorfer Straße)

Beach areas: Miltitz, Lausen, Göhrenz, Markranstädt


There is an accessible bathing jetty on the western shore of Lake Kulkwitz that can be accessed by wheelchair. A disability-friendly ramp and lake access enable visitors to reach the water from the promenade at Lake Kulkwitz.

Further information has been put together by the Leipzig Disability Association in  this video.






Address: Kulkwitzer See
Post code/city: 04420 Markranstädt