Lake Schladitz

Lake Schladitz is situated north of Leipzig. Whether with family, friends or by yourself, Schladitz Bay – with its beautiful sandy beach, deep-blue water and distinctly Mediterranean style – is perfect for bathing, swimming, lazing and relaxing. However, cyclists and inline skaters have not been forgotten either: they will feel right at home on numerous paved, sign-posted trails totalling approx. 11 km in length. Visitors can stay overnight at Schladitz Bay in tents or small bungalows.

Beginners and the more advanced can learn or hone the art of sailing, surfing or freediving at the on-site watersports school CAMP DAVID Sport Resort by ALL on SEA. Indeed, a whole new world opens up to divers at a depth of up to 25 metres. Down in the deep-blue depths, secrets are revealed: a car wreck, forests and old trolleys from the time of open-cast mining. For beginners, on the other hand, the shallower areas are great for spotting carp and pike. The water quality and visibility (up to eight metres) simply speak for themselves.

A hitherto unique project in Germany is to be introduced at Hayna Beach in the near future: bathing as it used to be in the Biedermeier period. The beach's historical design and air of nostalgia means that visitors and swimmers can take a trip back in time to experience cultural history.
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Location: between Rackwitz and Schkeuditz

Lake area: 223 ha

Shore line: 7 km

Depth: up to 31 m

Parking facilities: Schladitz Bay/Rackwitz (Haynaer Straße), Haynaer shore/Schkeuditz

Beach areas: Schladitz Bay




Address: Schladitzer See
Street/house no. Haynaer Straße
Post code/city: 04519 Rackwitz