Lake Störmthal

Lake Störmthal is the former site of the Espenhain open-pit mine. Along with neighbouring Lake Markkleeberg, it is now an incomparable tourist spot, thanks to a canal linking the two as well as shared cycling and hiking paths.

The Mining and Technology Park is an eye-catching attraction from far and wide. It is a place of living history and impresses visitors with its stark reminder of the technological workings of an open-cast mine. The "VINETA" objet d'art – a floating interpretation of the former Magdeborn church, anchored in the middle of the lake – reminds visitors of the lost lignite mining sites, and has been a popular venue for weddings and events from the outset. It can be visited by Germany's unique amphibious vehicle.

Archery fans have the chance to try their hand at the only 3D archery course in the Leipzig New Lakeland. For those seeking some rest and repose, however, the LAGOVIDA holiday resort at the water's edge ensures days of pure relaxation.
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Location: between Espenhain and Großpösna

Lake area: 733 ha

Shore line: 23 km

Depth: up to 56 m

Harbours/Marinas/Mooring points: Sailing marina at the LAGOVIDA holiday resort.

Parking options: Magdeborn peninsula (old F95/VINETA-Bistro), LAGOVIDA holiday resort (Hafenstraße), Störmthal viewing point (Rödgener Straße, Störmthal)

Beach areas: Magdeborn peninsula, LAGOVIDA (with accessible bathing jetty), Dreiskau-Muckern, Störmthal

Information on circular route: some slopes/ascents; barriers when crossing the railway track on the south-west lake bypass.






Address: Störmthaler See
Post code/city: 04463 Großpösna