Lake Zwenkau

Lake Zwenkau is the biggest lake in the southern Leipzig New Lakeland; a veritable jewel in the crown for those seeking relaxation, as well as for water sports enthusiasts.

The harbour boasts a sandy beach, restaurants, a tourist office and holiday apartments; the KAP Zwenkau exhibition pavilion is located just above it. Inside, you can observe the model of the AFB 18 overburden conveyer bridge and visit an exhibition on the region's mining history. A unique view across the lake opens out from the rooftop terrace of this impressive building.

The oak woodland on the south shore of the lake proves a charming place for a stroll in idyllic natural surroundings. Nature lovers won't be disappointed on the lake's northern shore either, as this is where hiking trails entice visitors on lengthy walks through the "Harth" and the "Neue Harth" area.
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Location: north of the town of Zwenkau

Lake area: 970 ha

Shore line: 22 km

Depth: up to 49 m

Marina/mooring points/harbour: KAP Zwenkau (Hafenstraße)

Parking facilities: Harbour/KAP Zwenkau (Hafenstraße), Zitzschen viewing point (B186)

Beach areas: Harbour/KAP Zwenkau




Address: Zwenkauer See
Post code/city: 04442 Zwenkau