Leipzig Harbour

Set course for some stunning river scenery on the White Elster and the Karl-Heine Canal whilst indulging in a "Schälchen Heeßen" (a nice hot coffee) during one of our motorboat tours. Passing the Palmengarten weir, Buntgarnwerke (old yarn factory) and the riverboat, this trip offers quite a different perspective of Leipzig. Maximum capacity: 20 people

Leipzig Harbour makes a fantastic starting point for your exploration of Leipzig and its abundance of waterways. There are plenty of ways to do so: hire a canoe or bicycle, or sign up for a guided tour by canoe, rubber boat or dragon boat.

Opening hours

daily09:30 – 18:00 pm
In Saxony's summer holidays09:30 – 20:00 pm


Journey time per motorboat tour: approx. 70 minutes
Motorboat rental (max. 20 persons): €222.00  

The following prices apply for boat hire:
Boat/board1st hourEach additional
Daily price (over 5 hours)
One-person kayak€7.00€6.00€35.00
Two-person kayak€9.00€6.00€45.00
3-person kayak€10.00€6.00€50.00
C3 (three-person canoe)€10.00€6.00€50.00
C4 (four-person canoe)€12.00€6.00€55.00
We are happy to discuss individual quotes for groups on request.


Address: Stadthafen Leipzig
Street/house no. Schreberstraße 20
Post code/city: 04109 Leipzig