The facilities provided for water tourism (landing stages, locks etc.) in the Leipzig New Lakeland waterways network are for general use by tourists as well as for water sports at both amateur and competitive levels. The facilities should also contribute to the protection and preservation of the waterside environment by allowing anyone access to the waterways in the Leipzig New Lakeland network.

Important points

1. Please use the facility with care.

2. Every user of the facility is obliged to comply with the shipping regulations and rules for use of the waterways.

3. It is forbidden to barbecue, sunbathe, swim, angle or have open fires near the facility or to use the facility in any way counter to its intended purpose of water tourism.

4. The facility is to be kept clean and tidy at all times. Litter and waste must be disposed of properly.

5. Attention must be paid to the surrounding traffic when entering and exiting the water or when mooring and casting off.

6. In poor weather and light conditions, the facility should be used in accordance with the prevailing conditions. There is no winter service.

7. The facility may not be used while use of the waterways is prohibited due to high or low water, or for any other reason. Use of the facility provided for water tourism is also prohibited if it is visibly flooded, or its operation is distinctly impaired owing to natural events.