A concept for a uniform guidance and information system has been developed for the Leipzig New Lakeland tourist waterways network. Its successive implementation is planned in the coming years.

A uniform signage system for Leipzig’s waterways will control boat traffic and facilitate safe usage for recreational and competitive sports and passenger ships. The new information will apply to the most heavily used boating routes for water tourism by muscle-powered boats and passenger ships, and will ensure increased alertness when passing through bridges and junctions, as well as training areas of water sports teams. It will also provide tips on transport and conduct and assign new "traffic lanes". An overview of the locations and symbols is available for download below.

Signage system

Wegweiser Wasserwandern
Signposts enable the user to navigate from the harbour to their destination. Along the route, information panels provide additional tourist information about the waterway network. Signs for bridges, landing stages, marinas, mooring points and boathouses, portage points and entry and exit points, will be visible from the water.

The signage system provides helpful orientation from the water for visitors and local water tourists.


Navigation symbols

Schifffahrtszeichen der Stadt Leipzig
The signage uses generally applicable symbols for inland navigation to ensure comprehension and promote safety.
The legal basis is the German inland waterway regulation for the signage of waterways.



Icons Wasserwandern
A uniform depiction of tourism infrastructure and information relating to water tourism on official maps, information signs and the website facilitates orientation for water tourists.

A collection of symbols has been compiled for the Leipzig New Lakeland waterway network that is based on the official pictograms of the Federal Canoeing Association BVKanu and the PIANC pictograms (International Navigation Association, most widely recognised and used signage system for water tourism in Europe).