Operation of the locks is broadly uniform but is not always identical. Please read the signs at each lock as well as the information on the electronic noticeboard. Below you will find information about operating the locks as well as safety information.

Operating instructions

1. Press request switch at the landing pier. To do so, briefly press the blue lever towards the boat.

2. The lock action is initiated by the control system; you may need to wait for a counter-action of the lock to complete.

3. The lock gate is opened; once the lights change to green, you can enter the lock chamber.

4. Once all boats are in the lock, these should be secured to the bollards using ropes, allowing for the height difference of approx. 1 m. (Ropes should be attached loosely to allow adjustment! Canoeists can simply hold on.)

5. Press the blue request switch to continue the lock process. Please only press the request switch when you are sure that all boats are in the lock. Check for any following boats.

6. The lock gate will then close automatically and the water level will be adjusted.

7. Once the water level has completely adjusted, the gate at the other end will open and the signal light for the exit will change to green.

8. You should only exit the lock chamber when the exit signal is green.

Safety equipment and safety information:

1. The lock has various safeguards around the lock gates to prevent people or objects from being trapped between the lock gate and the wall of the lock. If any of these safeguards are triggered, all the lights will flash red and the gate will stop moving. To proceed with the lock process, the request switch in the lock chamber must be pressed again.

2. In an emergency, the lock process can be stopped using the red emergency switch in the lock chamber. All lights will flash red. The lock process can be reactivated by the facility operator. An error message to the operator will be transmitted automatically.

3. In the event of a general fault, all the lights will also flash red; the lock is not operational.

4. If the lock is not in operation (see operating hours), all the lights are switched off.

Operating hours for the Cospuden and Connewitz locks:

Off-peak season
(2 – 30 April/5 October – 1 November)

Operation of the Canoe Park lock

Saturday, Sunday & public holidays: 10:00–17:00 (weather-dependent)

Lifting times for the folding bridge

Saturday: 10:00/14:00 (if required)

Peak season (1 May – 4 October)

Operation of the Canoe Park lock

Monday–Thursday: 11:00–18:00
Friday–Sunday, public holidays: 10:00–18:00

Lifting times for the folding bridge

Friday, Saturday: 10:00–10:30/14:00–14:30