Baustelle Stadthafen Luftbild
Baustelle Stadthafen Luftbild
To complete the waterway network in and around Leipzig, over a hundred individual measures are required, including works such as the construction of canals, landing stages and locks. Work is proceeding step by step, and Trails 1 and 5 can already be navigated by motorboat.

Trail 1 from Leipzig to Cospuden
Extending Floßgraben Canal to Lake Cospuden is both a pilot project and a milestone in the development of the waterway network. Following the construction of two locks, it’s now possible to travel on Trail 1 all the way from central Leipzig to Lake Cospuden.

Stadthafen: The city-centre harbour at the heart of the waterway network
A former industrial area is being transformed into an urban harbour. Not far from the landing stage and berths are restaurants, hotels and the city centre with its shopping malls, cultural attractions and other amenities. When complete, Stadthafen will be the ideal place to start and finish your journey through the waterways of Leipzig.