Hints for motorboats

Wasserwandern Kurs 1 ©Pier1 GmbH
All vessels with an engine must be registered with the appropriate authority in order to use the waterways in and around Leipzig. Please call one of the following numbers for further information.

City of Leipzig, Amt für Umweltschutz
Prager Straße 118 - 136 (Haus A)
04317 Leipzig
Phone 0341 / 123 3409

Landratsamt Landkreis Leipzig, Umweltamt
Karl-Marx-Str. 22 (Haus 3)
04668 Grimma
Phone 03437 / 984 191

Landratsamt Landkreis Nordsachsen, Umweltamt
04855 Torgau
Phone 03421 / 663 4101

Flotsam guard at the lock Connewitz

Use a stack please

The floatsam guard at the lock Connewitz has to be pushed down while crossing it. The driver of the motorboat has to make sure to keep a stack onboard to do so. Otherwise the floating guard or the boat could be damaged.