City and lakes

Markkleeberger Wasserschlange
Markkleeberger Wasserschlange
Head south from Leipzig on Trails 1 and 5

The city, the Auenwald woodlands and the lakes can be discovered by canoe or LeipzigBoat on Trails 1, 5 and 6.
Trail 1: From Leipzig to Lake Cospuden and Lake Zwenkau
Bring your own boat, hire a canoe or charter a LeipzigBoat – and enjoy a trip from downtown Leipzig to Lake Cospuden and Lake Zwenkau via the Weiße Elster and Pleiße. Have a break at the Auenwald woodlands, Cospuden beach or Zörbigker Harbour. Discover some of Leipzig’s wildlife as you explore the time-honoured Floßgraben Canal – or just have a picnic at the park. And it won’t be long before the canal extending as far as Lake Zwenkau is completed.
Trail 5: From Leipzig to Lake Markkleeberg and Lake Störmthal

This trail will take you from downtown Leipzig to Lake Markleeberg and Lake Störmthal. Have a break on the way by visiting the Wildpark (‘Game Park’) and agra park on your way. The trail is a vital corridor for all sorts of wildlife through the city and out into the countryside. Other points of interest include the White House in Markkleeberg and the Vineta floating church as well as sport facilities like Markkleeberg Canoeing Centre. The canal joining Lake Markkleeberg to Lake Störmthal is now finished, although the canal connecting the River Pleiße to Lake Markkleeberg is still under construction.