Pegau (©TVLN)
Difficulty: for experienced paddlers
Length: approx. 27.5 km
Locks: none
Portaging: 3x if starting from Pegau, 2x if starting from Hartmannsdorf (boat cart useful)

Fully navigable for:
  • Canoes (navigable downstream)

Sections are navigable for:
  • LeipzigBoot/boats adapted to the waterways – Elster flood relief channel, Elster millrace
  • Rowing boats – Elster flood relief channel, Elster millrace
  • Passenger ships – Elster flood relief channel, Elster millrace

Travel time to the harbour:
  • 7 hours from Pegau
  • 3 hours from Hartmannsdorf weir

Route plan

Stadthafen Leipzig © LTM A.Schmidt
START: 27.5 km Pegau
Enter the water at Schützenplatz (behind the weir sill, beneath the road bridge, at normal water level), car parking available.

21.0 km Kleindalzig settling basin
Caution on entry! Small rapids on exiting the basin; from about 200 m ahead of the basin, the White Elster flows through an artificial river bed around the former Zwenkau opencast mine as far as Hartmannsdorf.

17.9 km Zitzschen
Bridge with small rapids.

13.0 km drop structure at Hartmannsdorf
Caution: danger of death, weir with 3 m drop! Exit the water and portage to the left shortly after the S 186 bridge to Knautnaundorf; re-enter the water at the concrete ramp after the weir. Caution: the concrete slope is slippery when wet!

12.9 km Hartmannsdorf
Enter the water at the concrete ramp beneath the weir for the half-day trip; car parking available. Caution: the concrete slope is slippery when wet!

10.4 km Knauthain flow divider
Caution: weir system! The weir can be navigated when the gates are open. The weir is closed at high water levels – no navigation possible. Danger of death! Last opportunity to leave the water before the Zschocherscher Winkel nature conservation area. No onward paddling during the special protection period.

Zschocherscher Winkel nature conservation area: To protect this valuable natural environment, do not navigate this area during the protection period between 15 February and 15 May; please observe the "10 rules for navigating watercourses".

9.8 km bridge: Ritter-Pflugk-Strasse
Caution: strong current! Rejoin the old riverbed of the White Elster.

7.1 km Grosszschocher weir
Caution: weir system! Portage to the right. Danger of death! Do not use the central channel! Keep well clear of the eddy current caused by the weir; end of nature conservation area.

7.0 km Sportverein Südwest e.V. sports club
Caution: larger areas with strong current!

6.0 km S 46 bridge
Slight current, keep to the centre.

5.5 km Brückenstrasse/branch
Possible launch point during the special protection period; car parking available.

4.7 km Grosszschocher flow divider
Caution: weir system, danger of death! Strong current, please keep well clear and pass the weir along the left-hand bank.

4.6 km Elster flood relief channel portage point
Portage into the Elster flood relief channel above the training section, past the grounds of the Leipziger Kanu-Club e.V.; landing stage available.

1.7 km Horse racing track
Landing stage at the racecourse. Access via Rennbahnweg, parking available.

0.8 km mouth of the Elster millrace
Caution: danger of death at Palmengarten weir! Keep well clear; turn right under Peterssteg into the Elster millrace.

FINISH: Leipzig Harbour
Exit the water at the landing stage; parking available.

Possible start and finish points

  • Entry point on Schützenplatz, Pegau
  • Launch point in Hartmannsdorf
  • Launch point on Brückenstrasse, Leipzig
  • Landing stage at Rennbahnweg, Leipzig
  • Leipzig Harbour