Difficulty: easy
Length: approx. 6.6 km
Locks: none
Portaging: not necessary

Fully navigable for:
  • Canoes
  • Rowing boats
  • LeipzigBoot/boats adapted to the waterways

Sections are navigable for:
  • Passenger ships

Travel time from the harbour:
LeipzigBoot/boats adapted to the waterways
  • to Stelzenhaus – approx. 30 minutes
  • to landing pier at canal 28 – approx. 45 minutes
  • to Leipzig-Lindenau marina – approx. 1 hour

Canoe/rowing boat
  • to Stelzenhaus – 1 hour
  • to landing stage at canal 28 – 1.5 hours
to Leipzig-Lindenau Marina – 2 hours

Kanutour Innenstadt © LTM A.Schmidt

Route plan

Wasserwandern © TVLN
START: 0.0 km Leipzig Harbour
Enter/exit the water at the landing stage; parking available.

0.8 km mouth of the Elster flood relief channel
Caution: danger of death at Palmengarten weir! Keep well clear! Straight ahead into Stadtelster towards Klingerhainbrücke

1.3 km Klingerweg landing pier
Industrial architecture between Könneritzbrücke and Karlbrücke, restored "Buntgarnwerke" (former yarn factory)

2.3 km Karl Heine Canal branch
Turn right, heading west. Beware of oncoming vessels – narrow section!

2.9 km Landing pier in Plagwitz district park
Barrier-free access. Please do not go through the water lilies!

4.8 km Canal 28 landing pier

FINISH: 6.0 km Lindenau Harbour

Portage between Lindenau Harbour and the Elster-Saale Canal (approx. 150 m) requires a boat cart.

On completion of the waterway connection to Lindenau Harbour, the harbour district was connected to the Leipzig New Lakeland waterways network. It is a further 11 km approx. to the end of the Saale-Elster Canal at Zschöchergen in Saxony-Anhalt.

Possible start and finish points

  • Leipzig Harbour: Käthe-Kollwitz-Strasse/Schreberstrasse
  • Klingerweg boathouse, Leipzig
  • Landing pier at canal 28, Leipzig