To start with, the route follows that of route 1, via the Elster millrace and the Elster and Pleisse flood relief channels, following the Pleisse upstream. Passing the branch for the canal, you will soon reach the agra weir landing stage on the Pleisse. A link to Lake Markkleeberg is under development. The plan is to construct a navigable connection covering a distance of roughly 1 km. Lakes Markkleeberg and Störmthal are already connected by a canal. Both lakes are attractive to visitors, with beaches and a range of sporting, cultural and leisure facilities.


Bootsverleih Markkleeberger See © S. Veit
Difficulty: moderate
Locks: 2, passenger ships have priority
Portaging: no waterway connection between the bridge at agra-Park I and Lake Markkleeberg; boats must be carried

Fully navigable for:
  • Canoes – navigable up- and downstream
  • Rowing boats
  • LeipzigBoot/boats adapted to the waterways

Sections are navigable for:
  • Passenger ships – Elster millrace, Elster flood relief channel, Pleisse flood relief channel, lakes
  • Sailing boats – lakes

Route plan

Kanupark-Schleuse (©LTM)
START: 0.0 km Leipzig Harbour
Enter/exit the water at the landing stage; parking available.

0.8 km Palmengarten weir
Caution: danger of death at Palmengarten weir!
Keep well clear! Turn left.

1.7 km Horse racing track
Landing stage at the racecourse. Access via Rennbahnweg; parking available.

2.2 km Division of Pleisse and Elster flood relief channels
Continue in the left-hand fork for the Pleisse flood relief channel.

3.0 km Connewitz lock with slipway
Self-operated: exercise caution when using technical equipment! Please observe instructions for use! Portage possible.

This is where your journey on the Pleisse through the alluvial forest in the south of Leipzig begins. To protect this valuable natural environment, please observe the rules for navigation, only use designated landing stages and observe the minimum water level requirement (> 30 cm).

4.7 km Hakenbrücke bridge
Canal branch turns off to the right towards Lake Cospuden (Route 1), 400 m before the bridge; please keep left.

5.7 km Koburger Strasse
Landing stage and boat hire at the Wildlife Park (150 m to Wildlife Park car park, accessible via Koburger Strasse)

6.5 km Railway bridge
This stretch has 3 shallow sections with a strong current; clearance of the shallow sections planned for 2016/17.

7.1 km Bridge on the Goethesteig
Caution: current! There is a low weir shortly after the bridge.

Please note: waterway route 5 from Leipzig currently ends here. It will be possible to continue the journey to Lake Markkleeberg by canal when the construction is completed, which is expected in 2022.
For the time being, the route can be picked up again from the promenade of Lake Markkleeberg.

9.1 km Lake Markkleeberg
Landing stage on the promenade.

Getzelauer Island is a nature conservation area: do not enter!

11.9 km Markkleeberg Canoe Park
Landing possible; rafting, tubing, riverboarding.

12.4 km South shore of Lake Markkleeberg, Störmthal Canal
Towards Canoe Park lock/Lake Störmthal.

12.9 km Canoe Park lock
Please observe instructions for use. Portage possible.

Göhrener Island is a nature conservation area: do not enter!

15.4 km Lake Störmthal
VINETA floating event venue

FINISH: 17.4 km Landing stage at VINETA Bistro or LAGOVIDA sailing boat marina

Possible start and finish points

  • Leipzig Harbour: Käthe-Kollwitz-Strasse/Schreberstrasse, Leipzig
  • Racecourse landing stage: Rennbahnweg, Leipzig
  • Promenade landing stage, Lake Markkleeberg
  • Landing stage at Markkleeberg Canoe Park
  • Canoe Park lock
  • VINETA Bistro landing stage/LAGOVIDA marina landing stage, Lake Störmthal